Erikstorp is run by Ludvig Odeholm and Dion Liljegren (in collaboration with Daniel Berlin). A trio in touch with the times. But we don’t use trendy expressions like unique, genuine, or locally produced. We don’t need to: for us it is obvious that good food is built up from the foundation of high-quality ingredients.

What we do emphasize is knowledge, craft, creativity. As a guest you should know that everything served at Erikstorp is well thought out, and all the ingredients are carefully selected according to strict criteria. A sense of responsibility and long-term thinking permeates the establishment. A great deal of time and engagement is devoted to establishing close cooperation with local producers who meet our requirements as regards the way they look after animals and till the soil, seeking to minimize climate impact, and to ensure good nutrition and taste. Simple is usually best.

We derive inspiration from the region and from Landskrona’s multifaceted population structure. For example, we like to integrate international cuisines with the traditional home cooking of Skåne. Erikstorp is in constant development, and our ambition is to offer a solid food experience. And to share a welcoming and generous atmosphere.



Our Bistro section is like a real living room. Here you can choose to compose your own delicatessen plate from our rich selection of cold cuts, or enjoy a gourmet pizza made with durum wheat from Ven, or choose among a number of hot dishes and desserts from the menu. And every Sunday we also serve our highly appreciated brunch until some time into the afternoon. Naturally, children are as welcome as adults. The Bistro has a tolerant and convivial atmosphere where it is not necessary to book a table. You can simply take a seat in the bar and savour a good drink. We welcome spontaneous visits.

The word Bistro is supposed to come from the East Slavic "быстро" which means fast. Russian soldiers who occupied France after the Napoleonic Wars were said to have urged the French staff to prepare their food faster. Traditionally rural dishes were served in larger helpings and in simpler arrangements than what we normally associated with the term Restaurant. Despite this, Bistro food is supposed to use only high-quality ingredients.

All our cold cuts come from free-range animals that are never treated with preventive antibiotics. The pigs are mainly raised at the farm of Olinge outside Knislinge and the beef mostly comes from Friskatorpet  in Rinkaby. Humane animal management has a good impact on the environment and the taste.


Bistro menu as a PDF
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We call the restaurant section at Erikstorp Matakademi, or the Food Academy. Here we have a more low-key, intimate atmosphere. Besides adventurous tasting menus composed according to what the season and the day have to offer, we arrange wine tastings and theme events such as “The Ingredients & the Producer” and highly appreciated cookery courses for children and adults alike, and for large groups where it is necessary to plan ahead we always have party menus that can be booked in advance. Matakademi stimulates your intellect and your senses.

We have the good fortune to be geographically located in a region that is filled with first-class food ingredients of all kinds: greens, fish and shellfish, root vegetables, game birds, dairy produce, flour, and pigs, all of which encourages a creative cuisine. We want to spread that knowledge.

Food should not be complicated or over-analysed. It should be tasty and enjoyed in a pleasant setting. Preferably together with people you like.

Food academy tasting menu PDF
Food academy fixed party menu as a PDF


A good is a good wine. Regardless of the origin or the producer. At Erikstorp we serve only wines that we would drink ourselves, and we happily mix traditional wines with new ones on our wine list. To allow guests to experience surprising tastes and fashionable drinks, we regularly update the drinks list. And with the Coravin™ system all our wines can be ordered by the glass. One of our favourite districts is undoubtedly Piedmont in Italy. We bring together many impressions from that region. We are deeply affected by the wine, the food, and the people there.

Other drinks also take high priority: we serve excellent alcohol-free grape juices, supplemented with home-made fruit juices and cordials. As lighter beer alternatives we offer lager, but we also cooperate with skilled local breweries, of which we would like to single out Brekeriet. Their ales are truly of world class. Erikstorp’s range of spirits is discriminating and top-quality. And of course the entire collection of whiskies and other spirits from Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyns is represented. A restaurant visit should be an all-round experience in which food and drink and atmosphere interact. At a reasonable price.

Current wine tastings are presented under Event Erikstorp.

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Address: Lill-Olas väg 31, Landskrona
Telephone: 0418-260 75
GPS coordinates: 55.90456, 12.80880
Organisation number: 556871-0304

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Opening hours: 12.00–22.00
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Erikstorp is run by Ludvig Odeholm and Dion Liljegren in collaboration with Daniel Berlin Krog in Skåne Tranås.